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I love LISA's photos of our wedding. She was really able to capture the feeling of the event and the people that were there. You can feel the motion and the spirit of the dancing, and in the portraits everyone looks so relaxed and comfortable - like she caught them as their real selves at their best. I think she was able to do that because she really put people at ease. I knew I wanted Lisa to be our photographer because she does such a lovely job with action, and I got exactly what I had hoped for. But the photos were also just beautiful in their own right - gorgeous pictures of the scene and the progression of the evening. She caught all the important moments I knew about and wanted photos of, but also many great moments I wouldn't have seen or remembered without her. And her family "portrait" shots have a great feeling of ease and fun about them. I could gush about them more, but I'll just say I think Lisa is very talented and is a real pro. The photos are beautiful!"


You were the perfect photographers. You put us right at ease and we hardly knew you were there. The photos are so beautiful - you captured everyone in such as personal way.


We will always remember our wedding day as both beautiful and magical. Although the day passed in what seemed like a few moments, you captured those moments with your combination of professionalism, talent, and artistry. Whenever we glance at that wedding album our decision to ask you to play this important role in our celebration is re-affirmed.


Words cannot describe how thrilled we are with the special memories captured by you and your team at LUSH Photography. The finished albums of our daughters’ B’not Mitzvah are magnificent and exceeded all our expectations. With each page, we relive the heartfelt emotion and the incredible rush of the party. You are more than a gifted photographer…you are truly an artist. Thank you for creating a visual keepsake that we will cherish forever.


Lisa’s photographs capture the magic of our wedding day. As we look through our photo’s, we remember each moment, each smile. The laughter and the beauty of the moment, as if it were happening all over again. Lisa’s professionalism and dedication to perfection are unmatched! In the end, Lisa became more than our photographer, she became a friend.


The book you created is completely extraordinary. I have never seen anything this beautiful; the pictures are beautiful, the way you set them, the graphics, the background. It is really a work of art. I can’t tell you how much pleasure it’s giving me. I thank you very, very much.


Alex and I want to thank you for all your wonderful work at our wedding. After the formal shots, I truly don’t have any memory of seeing you guys take pictures! You basically disappeared, which allowed Alex and I to celebrate and havefun without feeling self-conscious. We really appreciate all of your hard work. It was such a treat to have you both there.


We couldn't have been more pleased with the pictures (amazing candids and some of the most beautiful compositions). We also couldn't ask for a better addition to our day than Lisa and Myles. They were professional, fun, kind, and so supportive. Our wedding was a blast and LUSH was a big part of the reason why.


We choose Lisa as our wedding photographer because she spent time getting to know us. By the time the night was over, she felt like part of our family!


Her photographs captured the essence of who we are and what was important to us on our special day. Looking through the images is like reliving the day all over again! Every detail was caught in a beautiful and artistic way and the photographs left us with a true expression of what our wedding day was like visually and emotionally.


We were so happy with Lisa’s work that we immediately returned to her upon the arrival of our first baby. We knew she would again capture our enthusiasm and joy as we started our new family.


Lisa's photos captured all of the joy and love that Kevin and I feel for each other. The portraits of me and my husband are simply gorgeous. Every person that has looked at them has said something to the effect of, "These look like they're right out of a magazine!"


What a warm and talented dynamic duo! We had a wonderful day with Lisa and her husband shooting . There was nothing that frazzled them. They were able to capture all those important moments without having had a guide or list, just by getting to know us and our style. We have amazing photos and we are now married 5 months and are still trying to choose photos for our albums and thank you's. We would highly recommend Lush Photography.


Lisa Levart is a wonder! Her artistic eye captures the emotion of the human condition in an explosive way. The photographs Lisa took of my wedding could not have been closer to perfection. Her candid shots areexquisite—exactly what I wanted. LUSH Photography is an enchanting blend of expertise and artistry.